Thursday, 27 September 2012

Age of Sail - Tall Ship passing through

Well, whilst driving through town at sunrise I was pleasantly surprised to see the silhouette of this rather large Tall Ship. I had to take a detour and investigate. The whole harbour was eerily quiet, save for me and a man stood at the ship’s aft smoking a cigarette.

She’s called the Stavros S Niarchos (I know that sounds like some sort of Mexican dish) from London, and is currently owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. The Wikipedia entry reckons that it is up for sale if anyone is interested? I can’t find any confirmation of that elsewhere though.

 No - I hadn't stepped a century back in time. She is in fact only twelve years old!

 She's taking the place of the Condor Ferry

 An hour before sunset, she decided she'd had enough of Guernsey. I managed to see her out as I took the coast road home. That's the island of Herm in the background.

 Here she is under full sail, followed behind by her sister ship I think...

More pics of tall ships to come, and some other nautical / piratical stuff we saw in the old Pirate town of Saint Malo...