Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Ghost Ship" debunked by writer and marine enthusiast?

So in the Guernsey Press there was a recent article of a supposed "Ghost Ship" sailing past Alderney in bad weather with many wondering if it was the old Elizabethan wreck that is said to haunt the coastline. I recognised it as the Etoile du Roy of Saint Malo - previously the Grand Turk of Whitby. See below for my comprehensive post about that her.

I emailed the editor of the paper telling them of my suspicions, and a brief summary of the vessel. They sent a reply of thanks and expressed their disappointment that it wasn't an actual ghost ship, and now they have directly copied and pasted a section of my blog into their paper! I suppose I should be flattered...

They have described me as writer and marine enthusiast. Jolly good of them. Here's the article:

See below for a link to the original "Ghost Ship" pictures, and below that for my post on the vessel herself.