Friday, 11 April 2014


We've had some wicked spring storms here in the past couple of months - resulting in a couple of 'shipwrecks' visible from my bedroom window.

Some of the locals claim it has been the wildest winter in their life time. We've had towering shingle banks collapse upon roads, granite and sand banks burst, vast sections of gneiss cliff collapse...

What could be more inspiring to a writer of Historical Pirate Fiction?

A few photos taken recently:

Exploring the wreck at low tide.

This used to be an impressive network of caves... no longer.
Exploring the caves last summer - before their collapse.

Spied this memorial on the bench the other day - is there any more aptly named gentleman to sit and stare at the waves forever?

David Jones' view for eternity...
Bordeaux Bay - a Spring Tide.

A huge spring tide - we are thankful the sea was so calm that day.

Some of the larger waves threatened to brush against our cottage's front day. You can just make out the white bones of the shipwreck in the top left.