Monday, 8 September 2014

Swashbuckling novels! Nautical tales! Giveaway details here!

"Avast ye swabs! Damn ye eyes for lookin' at this 'ere blog! For ye've stumbled across a bonnie trove of loot an' no mistake! Aarr!!"

Ahem... that was my practice for talk like a pirate day - you know, when the radio presenter makes a few "Yarrs!" and the kids try to be a pirate all day - or at least until  they sound like they've smoked a packet of cigarettes, and then everyone gets bored and gives up.

But there are some of us who wish it could be talk like a pirate day every damned day of the year. In fact, we are so devoted to nautical tales that we spend much of our lives writing yarns worthy of the high seas.

To celebrate, each of us will be giving away a physical copy of our books. To win, follow the guidelines below:

The contest begins on Monday, September 8th and runs through September 19th (Talk Like a Pirate Day).

To enter, just sign in below. You can earn additional entries by liking the authors’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The more of our social media accounts you follow, the more entries you get. The more entries you get, the better your chances are of winning. Simple as that.

UPDATE DAY 1: Dan Eldridge's interview - check out his lovely book cover too!

UPDATE DAY 2: The lovely Christine Steendam and the wonderful SK Keogh answer some questions today - both have eye-catching artwork...

UPDATE DAY 3: I host exotic Californian author Lisa Jensen.

UPDATE DAY 4: The famous and wonderful Helen Hollick, and the dashing yet modest Nick Smith - I mean me.

UPDATE DAY 5: Interview with The Captain of the Ship Justin M Aucoin.

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